Accommodation on a Basic Safari

What you Need to Know

Since when did our most memorable travel experiences come to be determined by the fluff of hotel pillows? Since when did exploring the world become contingent on pampered luxuries? Since when did getting on an airplane and traveling to the ends of the earth require infinity pools, high-speed wi-fi, and expensive cocktails? (Well, I rarely refuse a drink). Since when did an adventure of a lifetime, of witnessing the beauty and wildness of our world become so…so…cushioned?
Okay, truth be told: sometimes luxury travel does feel darn good. Sometimes being pampered, being set up in high-end resorts and lodges with every amenity imaginable is just what the doctor ordered after a long stint of work back home, or life event worth celebrating in high style.
But this thread isn’t about poolside daiquiris. This post will not help you navigate your daily massage appointments. It’s not about private jets or celebrity-status exclusivity replete with every luxury you can think of. No, for this one we focus on inclusivity, on traveling as pure connection, on travel’s pure essence: the essence of adventure, the motivation, the why. Here we’ll explore why we fly halfway around the world for safari, the connections we make and why a Basic tour with Twende Africa Tours both meets and exceeds this true essence.

What Makes Safari Great? The Connection

As much as we love the luxuries in life, let’s be real: safari is not about high speed Internet or poolside suntans. It’s about the wildlife. It’s about wilderness. It’s about those amber-hued landscapes arcing with giraffe neck and warthog tail. It’s about your heart beating in your chest, faster and faster as you immerse yourself into the bowels of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire—this breathing, seething planet where millions (yes millions!) of wildebeest charge past crocodiles and lions to survive another day while Kori bustards fly through the sky with their seven-foot (2.1m) wingspans, weaving past baobob trees, some of which are more than 6,000 years old.
Now this is what safari is all about? It’s about connections: to age-old landscapes and age-old cultures, to that steamed ugali sticking to your fingers (Food of Tanzania), to that sweet-salty taste of banana beer on your lips. For many, safari is less about the accommodations and more about the experiences. Luckily, Twende Africa Toursoffers both. Our three main tiers of safari options can meet your every need and budget without compromising quality or safety. Take a look…

The Three Trip Options of Twende Africa Tours and Safaris: Basic, Comfort, and Comfort Plus.

Before we dive into the specifics of a Basic package, let’s take an overview of Twende Africa Tours three package tiers—basic, comfort, and comfort plus (View Our Styles) to see what’s included, the differences in amenities, travel, etc:
Basic: Travelers sleep in public campsites; bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp; private tents, personal chef, personal driver and gear specialist.
Comfort: Travelers stay in small lodges and tented camps; ensuite bathroom facilities; a mid-range balance of comfort and price. Personal driver and gear specialist.
Comfort Plus: travelers stay in state-of-the-art, luxury lodges or tented camps where the quality of service and facilities are equivalent to a large hotel organizations; personal driver and gear specialist.

Here’s What Basic Accommodation Looks Like

Now let’s focus now on Twende Africa Basic category. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as “Basic” implies some minimum, that what you receive is something simple and barebones. This is far from the truth. In fact, nothing Twende Africa Tours does is basic or simple. Choose Basic and you weave through all the same superlative landscapes as Comfort and Comfort Plus packages. You will witness extraordinary lion kills, Serengeti sunsets, and hippo-bloated rivers.
For a Basic tour, the main difference is that you will be camping for the entirety of your trip. What does this look like? First, imagine a large tent of your own in which you can stand in, move around, wiggle and dance and do yoga if you’d like. It’s that big. Oh, and did I mention you set up nothing? Yes, after a full day of game drives you arrive to your public campsite and tents, sleeping pads, and bags, and dinner table will all be prepared for you. Again, not “Basic.”
Every morning and every night, hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and coffee will be served alongside exquisite meals prepared by a personal chef. Twende Africa Basic tours require you to share facilities, such as restrooms and some dining halls, which just mean you’ll be able to rub shoulders with interesting folks from around the world. Win-win. .

Here are Five Must-Pack Items for a Basic Tour:

• Headlamp – These are one of our all-time favorite tools, as they make for hands-free convenience when rifling through your tent at night.
• Camping Towel – Invest in a quick-dry towel for showering and face-washing. Indispensable.
• Toiletries – Most shampoos, soaps, and hand sanitizers will be difficult to find in Tanzania. Better to bring them.
• Cozy Sandals – After a long day in boots, it’s nice to have a comfy pair of sandals or Crocs to put on.
• Travel Pillow – Resting your head on something cozy at night is underestimated. These days you can find ultralight, packable pillows for both camping and long flights. Great investment.
This is the connection I speak of. Because what you return from safari with aren’t photos of bathtubs porcelain and ironed linen but memories of cheetah stripes and elephant herds, Am I right? Most clients who choose a Basic package understand this and are willing to give up a little cushion of lodges and save their shillings for the experiences that last a lifetime. .

Bottom Line?

Choose a Basic tour and you have the opportunity to wake up, open your tent, and have a Ngorongoro sunrise flood right in. You might discover zebras browsing grass next to your camp or perhaps even the distant roar of a lion at night (don’t worry, our campsites are safe!). You’ll be able to witness, from the comfort of your own rolled tent flap, constellations of stars hanging above, after an evening Serengeti campfire.
These are the sights, sounds, and smells of a Basic tour. These are the elements of coming alive. These are the moments we live for. With a Basic tour you still receive the high-quality experience of a private, state-of-the-art safari vehicle, an experienced driver and guide, personal chefs, and camping gear.