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Safety is the first priority for wilderness and high altitude travelling . Safety Measures Twende Africa Tours delivers the highest quality safety measures on Kilimanjaro. We take the following steps on your climb while you enjoy your adventure in Tanzania:

  • We carry oxygen tanks on all our climbs.
  • We carry a portable hyperbaric chamber (Gamow bag) on all our climbs and have a system in place for immediate evacuation off the mountain.
  • Using a pulse ox meter we will monitor your oxygen saturation and heart rate twice a day – or more often if necessary.
  • Every morning we listen to your lung sounds with a stethoscope to assess if there is any fluid on the lungs, a sign of HAPE.
  • We will monitor your water intake to assure proper hydration.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). If AMS is not treated it can lead to more serious conditions like High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and/or High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) Each year a very small number of climbers die on Kilimanjaro. These deaths could be avoided if all licensed first aid guides which had high altitude medical training and carried oxygen and a portable hyperbaric bag.

We travel with life saving equipment at all times when at high altitude. This equipment includes oxygen tanks, and a pressure bag, which are only used in the most life threatening altitude sickness cases.

As part of our daily safety routine, we record and monitor various information pertaining to your body’s reaction to increasingly higher elevations. Our trips have been arranged to use daily climbing schedules and sleep to enhance your body’s acclimation. Our meals emphasize carbohydrates and other foods that increase the generation of heat and energy as we move to higher altitudes. Moreover, we move slowly. with light exercises and celebrations at every camp to make your trip in the mountains enjoyable.