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our guides & porters



There are so many types of guides, but our guides are people`s person and extra ordinary guides. These are the types of guides with great personality and the best guide in Africa. These are the guides with true love over a broad ground of subject. They are funny all the time and you will be happy and laughing all the time. They will go extra miles to spend extra time with you to make sure your holiday goes beyond of your expectation. On mountain we call them mountainous doctor due to their techniques and unique knowledge of dealing with high altitude sickness.


These are very strong and hard working men who have a lot of experience in climbing Kilimanjaro for the number of years. They are very funny and friendly and always walk fast than you and reach the camp before you so that they can prepare a place for you to rest and to have your delicious natural food from our friend cook. When we see you tired and exhausted we shall speak a few courage words in Swahili language, that is “pole pole hakuna matata,` which means “slowly slowly don`t  worry. On the way to the summit our guides will comfort and encourage you every single minute through sing a rhythm melody of Africa, which will make you to regain again and to conquer the roof of Africa.