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Cultural Tour


If you have one day to stay after or before climbing, safari and beach holidays, you don’t need to feel bored at your hotel, Twende Africa Tours is our pleasure to organize your excursion tour to one of our favorite cultural destinations, not only but also we can offer town tour in Moshi for free but tip for the guide is appreciated. For more information please visit our day trips tour.

Tanzania is home to some of the most incredible tribal diversity in Africa. The country includes all of the major ethnic and linguistic groups on the continent an amazingly varied population to inhabit a single country. Home of approximately 120> tribal groups from variety ethnic groups like Khoisan, Cushitic, Bantu Speakers and Nilotic, most of these comprise small communities that are gradually being assimilated into the larger population due to changes in land use and the economic grow  of city’s life. Tribal diversity is prized and far from being a source of division, Tanzanians place a high value on their country’s multicultural heritage.

Over the past few years, cultural tourism has become an increasing attraction for visitors from around the world and visits to tribal villages are often a highlight of Safari Packages. Twende Africa Tours is pleased to take you to home of these Ethnic groups to share the culture and to experience life style. There you don’t need you 4x4 vehicles.

 Meet local guide who born and grow at specific area to show you around from the local Market, Farms (Shamba) of bananas, Rice and Coffee plantation. Then after followed by drumbeats and dancers which it will be accompanied by tasting of local food Wines and beers, here you spend your time with local Mamas to learn how to cook African food.

Cultural tours can be half day excursions or customized to longer stays for a couple of days among local people in their home villages and towns, depending on how much time you have and interests. Due to the budget, time and economically situation Twende Africa Tours has cultural tour packages to beat your Budget.