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Best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

When to climb Mount Kilimanjaro safe, how to climb mount Kilimanjaro climbing route

When to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? or How to climb mount Kilimanjaro?

The fact is most of the month have few rainy days makes it possible for climb relatively good condition all the year round.

During the rain period of March and May, cloud tends to pile up and over the summit, dropping snow on top and at base. Visibility can be limited by cloud cover even when no rainfalls .The temperature at this time of the year is relative warm.

The dry season beginning in the rate June and through July can be very cold at night but usually is clear of cloud.

August and September are also cool and can have completely clear days, but usually a dripping cloud belt girdles the mountain above the forest moorland. The summit can be totally clear.

The shorter rainy period of October to December often has thunderstorms that pass over the mountain, dropping rains as they go. Typical the cloud disappear in the evening leaving the nights and morning very clear with excellent visibility.

January and February are usually dry, warm and clear with brief rain showers which make good climbing condition

Even thought one can climb thought out the year, January, February and September are the best month with July, August, November and December are also good