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About us


Karibu (welcome) Twende Africa Tours is a really local company owned by local people which located at Moshi town, the land of our mightiest Mount Kilimanjaro. Twende Africa Tours established couple of years ago. Our company is legally registered and accredited by the Government of Tanzania and is a proud member of the Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB). Our commitment is to organize the best adventure in East Africa, particularly Tanzania the land of Natural Wonder’s like Mount Kilimanjaro, African highest point and world’s highest free standing mountain, Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar Island, Cultural Destinations etc. Twende Africa Tours we are organizing advanced Trekking on Mt Kilimanjaro, Meru and Mt Kenya, Wildlife Safaris in lodge and camping, Cultural tours and Beach holidays.

We are pride on providing quality service with a guarantee of reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of our customer service. We assure our clients to have safe, enjoyable, unique and memorable experience with us. Whatever Packages you choose luxury or budget all these are within our capability. Also we are offering special interest tours like honeymooner, family vocation and students, Excursionists, Adventures and Back packer. Meet very minded, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people to make you feel the value of your money by surprising you with the best customer service.

About the Name TWENDE
Twende is Swahili word which means (let us go) so if you are looking for a place to visit in the world, you will come out with, let us go. Swahili language is our nation language which spoken with some East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and D R C (Congo). We welcome you in Africa, particularly East Africa in our home country Tanzania to share the moment in life time experience in an amazing adventure.

Why Tanzania
Tanzania is a country of natural wonders. Is a country of polite, friendly and funny people, Is a country of highest mountain in Africa and free standing mountain all over the world, this means Kilimanjaro is not located in the crumpled mountain terrain of the Himalayas or Andes where the mightiest mountain of them all, Everest, just edges above its neighbor-and look less impressive because of it- Kilimanjaro stands proudly alone on the plain of Africa. The only thing in the neighborhood that can even come close to looking it in the eye is Mount Meru over 60km away to the South – west and a good 1420m smaller too. Also is a country of beautiful Ngorongoro Crater, national parks, like Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara etc, game reserves and forests. 

Our Team
Our team is excellent knowledgeable and experience of local wildlife flora and fauna, not only but also we are very skillful of geography, history and culture. We have guides who are very good trained and speaking fluent English, German, and Spanish, including myself speaking fluent English and Spanish, Our intended is to make sure our clients they have enjoyable, unique, memorable and unforgettable life time experience on trekking, Wildlife safaris, Cultural and beach holidays.